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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

As the housing market and the economy in general have recovered in the past few years, Americans are expanding their horizons when it comes to home ownership. Though older houses are still a popular option, there has been a greater shift toward custom-built homes, and for good reason. Building a new home provides a great many number of advantages, including:

Total Control

Older homes often require some sort of renovation to meet the buyer’s exact desires and demands. With a custom-built house, you are in complete control, down to the type of wood used for the fireplace mantel. No decision is out of your hands. When your new home is complete, you have the assurance that it is exactly what you dreamed it would be.

Less Costly

Buying a home is a major investment. It may seem like it’s cheaper to buy an older home, and upfront, it may be. But many older homes require much more upkeep and repairs than a custom-built one. Instead of spending your Saturday dealing with foundational problems or fixing a fidgety sink, which cost time and money, you can instead enjoy the day with your family, knowing your custom-built home is problem-free.

More Energy-Efficient

One of the major costs of older homes is energy inefficiency. From the refrigerator that consumes way too much energy to poor insulation that leaks air conditioning, an energy-inefficient home may as well be burning money. With a custom-built home, the latest construction techniques, as well as brand new appliances, ensure your home is energy-efficient, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

A Place to Call Home

Whether you rent or buy an older home, it may be tough to really see it as your own. With a custom-built house, you have the peace of mind that you are the only family to make memories there. It is truly a home for you and your children, one that can be cherished for generations. Your custom home will be like no other, unique to your family alone. Brackettry Custom Homes can make this dream a reality. If you live in Cecil County or Harford County, we are ready to work with you on our new home.


About Us

Daryl Brackett

Daryl Brackett, Owner

Brackettry Custom Homes was started with 2 things in mind: quality of work and Satisfaction of the customer. That is achieved by the following:

Brackettry Custom Homes uses building science with proven cutting edge methods to make your project exceed all expectations. We attend regular training from vendors and do continued education to improve our trade on a yearly basis.

Unlike other construction companies Brackettry Custom Homes is owned and operated by Daryl Brackett, A US Army Veteran who not only manages the projects but also works hand and hand with his team members to complete every project. Daryl lives in Rising Sun, MD in Cecil County with his wife and two children and looks forward to new home or improvement projects.

New Construction

Custom Home Building

Brackettry Custom Homes Builds new construction houses using state of the art building science driven technologies.

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Luxury Bath Remodels

Master bathroom remodels is one of our specialties. Whether you want to upgrade your fixtures or tub or need a complete gutting and restructuring of your existing bath, we can handle it from start to finish. We'll provide you with the luxury bath you've dreamed of!

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Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens become outdated as time goes on. Or maybe it's time to upgrade from your original economic kitchen you started with. We can give you the kitchen you've dreamed of including new flooring, cabinets, sinks, appliances, and counter tops.

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Expand Your Living Space

Not only does a newly remodeled basement enlarge your total living space, it also increases the value of your home significantly. You can add extra bedrooms, familiy rooms, man-caves, game rooms and entertainment areas.

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Custom Built Decks

Decks allow you to enjoy the outdoors, which is a valuable space to most home owners. We are experienced using composite maintenance free materials on our decks and can build you the amazing deck you've always dreamed of for grilling and entertaining.

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Roofing & Siding


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